Martinsville West Middle School
Student/Parent Handbook 2013-2014

Guidelines for Student Success



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Welcome to
West Middle School!

The purpose of the Student/Parent Handbook is to support you as you help your child achieve success at West Middle School.  Please keep this handbook available and refer to it as needed.  The Student/Parent Handbook includes school policies and guidelines.  Several sections focus on achievement in the classroom, and it may be beneficial for you to read these now.  If you have questions that cannot be answered by reading the handbook, please contact the West Middle School office.


                         West Middle School Mission      

West Middle School will provide a safe environment that promotes continuous learning and encourages all students to value education in order to become successful and responsible citizens. 


Staff Significant Dates Dress Code Student Conduct Attendance ISTEP+
Grades/Promotion Retention/Placement Extracurricular Activities Opportunities for Parent Involvement Homework Help at School and Home Parents' Role in Student Success General Information

West Middle School Teachers


Mrs. Rachel Allanson                        English, Language Arts

Mr. Ted Allanson                               Art, High Ability

Ms. Leah Armstrong                         English, Language Arts

Mrs. Lorna Bain                                 English, Language Arts, Learning Disabled

Mr. Anthony Burgess                        Science

Mr. Phil Cohen                                   Science

Mr. Kenny Collier                               Science

Mr. Dave Contreras                          Physical Education

Mrs. Misty Crouch                             MoMD

Mr. Gary Dean                                   Math

Mr. Phil R. Deckard, II                       Assistant Principal

Mrs. Carol DeMotte                          Math

Miss Ali DeWitt                                 Social Studies

Ms. Beth Hall                                    Speech/Language

Mr. Mike Hankins                              Social Studies, Communications

Mrs. Connie Harden                         Industrial Technology

Mr. Dustin Huff                                   Learning Disabled, MiMD

Mrs. Vickie Kempe                           English, Language Arts

Mrs. Pam Kidwell                             Life Management

Mr. Bob Lindsey                                Guidance

Mrs. Suzie Lipps                               Principal

Mrs. Debbie Martindale                   Social Studies

Mrs. Suzanne McPike                      Math, Science

Mrs. Denise Midla                             English, Language Arts, Social Studies

Mr. Scott Miller                                  Band

Mrs. Cindy Mojonnier                        Hearing Impaired 

Mr. Andy Moore                                 Health

Mr. Bobby Payne                             Health

Mrs. Shelly Phillips                            Orchestra

Ms. Martha St. John                          Physical Education

Mrs. Susan Sawyers             English, Language Arts

Mrs. Jennifer Selch                           Guidance

Mrs. Sarah Shaffer                            MiMD

Mrs. LeaAnn Shover             Choir, General Music

Mr. Joe Siderewicz                           Social Studies

Mrs. Lisa Siderewicz                        English, Language Arts, Communications

Mrs. Ann Smith                                 English, Language Arts

Mr. Matt Smith                                   English, Language Arts

Mrs. Debbie Thatcher                       Science

Ms. Cindi Valentine                          Media Specialist

Ms. Sarah Wood                               MiMD               

Miss Debi Wylie                                Math


West Middle School Support Staff



Mrs. Lisa Helms                                Secretary

Mrs. Shelly Weiss                             Secretary

Mrs. Diane Voland                            Attendance Secretary

 Mrs. Kim Applegate                          Resource Aide

Mrs. Jackie Bailey                            Remediation Aide

Mrs. Debbie Broyer                          Special Education Aide

Mr. Jason Carter                               Remediation Aide

Mrs. Judy Coburn                              Special Education Aide

Mrs. Marcy Contreras                       Special Education Aide

Mrs. Sally Forler                                Instructional Aide

Mrs. Deb Gearing                             Special Education Aide

Mrs. Sandy Gray                               Special Education Aide

Mrs. Candi Haggard                         Clinic Aide

Mr. Rob Helms                                  Study Hall, In-School Suspension Aide

Mrs. Debbie Isom                             Special Education Aide

Mrs. Julie Payne                                Library Aide

Mrs. Pat Spencer                              Resource Aide

West Middle School Custodial Staff


Mr. Doug Bailey

Mr. Jack Bailey

Mr. Jim Bailey

Mr. Rob Clay

Mr. John Davis

Mr. Kent Hart

Mr. Carl Medley

Mr. Ed Suter

Mrs. Diana Stultz

West Middle School Cafeteria Staff


Mrs. Phyllis Pemberton – Manager                                                             Mrs. Robin Malwitz               

Mrs Shelly Long – Assistant Manager                                                        Mrs. Cheri McFarland                      

Mrs. Cindy Bunton                                                                                         Mrs. Melissa Thacker          

Ms. Mary Dunn                                                                                              Mrs. Diana White                 

Mrs. Kim Edwards                                                                                                   



West Middle School Significant Dates 2013-2014


August 12, 2013                                            School Begins for Teachers


August 13, 2013                                            School Begins for Students


September 2, 2013                                      Labor Day (No School)


October 17, 2013                                          Professional Development Day (No Students)                 


October 18 – 21, 2013                                 Fall Vacation (No School)


November 28 – 29, 2013                             Thanksgiving Vacation (No School)


December 23, 2013                                     Winter Vacation


January 6, 2014                                            School Reconvenes


January 10, 2014                                          Records Day (No Students)


January 20, 2014                                          Martin Luther King Day (No School)


February 17, 2014                                        Presidents’ Day (No School)


March 24, 2014                                             Spring Vacation (No School)


March 31, 2014                                             School Reconvenes


May 26, 2014                                                Memorial Day (No School)


May 29, 2014                                                Final Student Day


May 30, 2014                                                Records Day (No Students)


June 1, 2014                                                  Commencement


Possible “Snow Days” included in calendar are Friday, April 11, 2014; Friday, April 25, 2014; and Friday, May 16, 2014.

 Student Dress Code 

West Middle School expects all students to come to school clean and dressed in a manner that will promote their learning and the learning of others.  Students will be sent to the office by their teachers if their clothing is inappropriate, and they will be expected to change clothes.  Students need to adhere to the following dress code to eliminate distractions to the learning process:


1.      No clothing may be worn that promotes or advertises drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or is in any way suggestive of gang related activities.


2.      No clothing may be worn which has profane or indecent language or suggestive pictures.


3.      No short shorts, short skirts, or indecent clothing may be worn.  Shorts must have a 5” inseam (The length should be at least 5” on the inner thigh).


4.      No spaghetti straps, strapless tops, or bare midriff tops are permitted.


5.      No sunglasses, bandanas, or hats may be worn inside the building.


6.      Hair may not be colored in a manner that may cause distraction.  Spray-painted or glittered hair is prohibited.


7.      Coats and jackets are not permitted in classes and must be placed in lockers.


8.      All pants and slacks must be worn at the waist. No undone belts will be allowed or undergarments revealed. Cuffs or hems should not drag the ground. 


9.      Torn or ripped clothing is inappropriate for school attire.  No holes are permitted in the pants.


10. Shoes must be worn at all times.


11. No facial piercings (nose, lip, eyebrow, etc.) are allowed during school hours.


12. For reasons of safety, students are not to wear jewelry in physical education class or while      participating in athletic activities.


13. Attire that may damage school property or cause personal injury to others (such as chains or studded items) is not to be worn.


14. Any other attire or mode of dress that is determined to be a distraction or disruption to the school process is prohibited.  Examples might be some forms of body piercing, writing or drawing on parts of the body, hair dyed an unusual color, slippers, pajama pants, etc.


The school reserves the right to determine appropriate dress for school purposes.  The school dress code is to be followed at all school and school related functions unless special permission is granted by the principal.


Student Conduct


West Middle School staff feels strongly that all students and their differences should be respected and valued equally by all students, faculty, and parents.  It is expected that West Middle School students treat one another with respect at all times.  Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.  This includes bullying, name calling, and put-downs, whether physical or verbal.  Our goal is for students to always feel comfortable and safe about their learning environment here at West Middle School.


What is expected of students at West Middle School?


To provide greater opportunity for student success in the classroom, students need to be accountable for several important aspects of their education at West Middle School.  If students are diligent in completing their responsibilities, their achievement level will increase, and teachers’ classes will be managed effectively. 


Students at West Middle School are responsible for:



What is West Middle School’s discipline policy?


1.  West Middle School has high standards for student conduct.  Students are expected to adhere to

      the rules for student conduct at all times.


2.  Specific rules for student conduct are stated in the Student Planner in the Conduct and

     Discipline Policy section and in the Code of Conduct for the MSD of Martinsville.



Whom do I contact?


West Middle School welcomes parent contact.  For questions about discipline, feel free to call the principal or the assistant principal at 765.342.6628.


What is ISS?


1.  ISS, In-School-Suspension, is one alternative for students with discipline problems. Students are removed from regular classes for a designated period of time, but remain in the school building under the supervision of a teacher or instructional aide.


2.  During ISS, students are given time to work on homework and assignments. Students may also be given extra assignments.


3.  Students receive credit for work completed. 


4.  Contact the assistant principal for more information about ISS.


What is OSS?


1.  OSS, Out-of-School Suspension, is another alternative for students with discipline problems.

     Students are not allowed to attend school for a designated period of time.


2.  Students may receive credit for assignments missed during the time of OSS.


3.  Students cannot participate in school activities and are not allowed on school property during the time of OSS.



What if my child has problems traveling to and from school?


1.      Incidents that occur on school buses should be reported to the bus driver, to the Transportation Office at 765.342.5597, or to the school principals at 765.342.6628.


2.      Incidents that occur while traveling to and from school other than by bus should be directed to the principal or the assistant principal at 765.342.6628.



Attendance Rules


        Daily attendance is essential for a student’s success in school.  A student who is not in regular attendance tends to lose interest, feel left out, and, most importantly, fall behind with class work.  Please encourage your child to attend school regularly!


How do I report an absence?


1.      If a student must be absent from school, a parent or guardian should call the school at 765.342.6628 that day and explain the reason for the absence.


2.      If the parent does not have a phone, or if a call cannot be made, the student must bring a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian on the day of his/her return.  The student must present this written excuse to the Guidance Secretary before going to class.


What absences are excused?


1.      Excused absences include illness, death in the immediate family, emergencies, and court appearances.  Dental and doctor appointments are excused for the part of the day that the student must be absent for the appointment. 

2.      West Middle School will determine whether the absence is excused or unexcused.

3.      If the absence is excused, the student’s teachers will be notified, and the student will have an opportunity to complete all missing assignments.  

4.      If the absence is unexcused, it reflects on the student’s attendance record and also may affect his/her grades.

5.      After twelve days of absence, according to district policy, students must submit a written doctor’s statement for each additional absence.

What is the make-up homework policy?

A student must make up work missed during an absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask each teacher what has been missed.  Parents may request homework after the student has been absent for at least two days.  It is necessary that the school be contacted before 9:00 A.M. on the day the homework is needed to allow the secretary and faculty adequate time to complete the request. 

Every attempt will be made to honor the request for homework.  During flu and cold season, homework requests may be suspended due to the large number of absences.  The students will be allowed to make up homework in a reasonable amount of time when they return to school.  Reasonable time is defined as one day to make up work for each day of excused absence.

What happens if a student is tardy to school?


1.      Students are considered tardy if they arrive to school after 7:30 A.M.  All students should be in their Success Class when the bell rings at 7:30 A.M.


2.      If a student arrives to class between 7:30 A.M. and 7:35 A.M., he/she should report directly to class and receive a tardy from the teacher.


3.      If a student arrives after 7:35 A.M., he/she should sign in at the front office and receive a tardy pass to class from a secretary.


4.      A student may receive an excused tardy for doctor or dentist appointments, family funerals, and other emergencies only if a note from the parent or guardian is turned in at the office and approved.


5.      A student will receive an unexcused tardy for oversleeping, missing the bus, etc.  Excessive tardies will result in disciplinary action.


What happens if a student has a medical appointment or has to leave school during the day?


1.      Students who must leave for dental and doctor appointments are not excused for the entire day.  Parents should make every attempt to help their child attend as much of the school day as possible.

2.      Students who need to leave school for a dental or medical appointment must bring a note from a parent or guardian or an appointment card from the medical office visited.  The note should be

taken to the office before school begins on the day of the appointment. 

3.      An out-of-school pass will be given to the student by a secretary in the office.  The student must then present the pass to his/her teacher at the appropriate time.

4.      The student must sign out in the office before being picked up by the parent or guardian.

5.      When the student returns to school, the student needs to report to the office, sign the register sheet, and get a pass from a secretary before returning to class.

6.      Students who leave the school without permission will be considered truant and will not be readmitted until a parent or guardian has contacted the school.

Family Vacations

When a student is going on a family vacation, the parent must contact the office to get a Request for Family Leave form.  This form needs be filled out by the student’s teachers one week prior to the scheduled trip in order for the absence to be considered.  Prearranged absences are at the discretion of the school principal. 



All West Middle School Students are expected to pass the ISTEP+ test.


What is the ISTEP+ test?


1.      The Indiana Department of Education requires all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students to take the ISTEP+, Indiana State Test of Educational Proficiencies, test.  This is a standardized test that measures English, reading, math, social studies and science skills. 


2.   ISTEP+ is very important.  It is used in helping to determine if: 

·        Students’ scores meet state standards.

·        Students should be promoted.

·        Students should be recommended for English remediation, math remediation and/or after-school homework help.

·        Students should be recommended for placement in academic classes.

·        Our school meets state standards.

·        Our school qualifies for extra state funding.


 How can I help my child prepare for ISTEP+?


            The Indiana Department of Education has parent and student guides available through its website.  These guides give helpful information about preparing your child for the test.  These guides also explain the type of skills used during the testing process.  Parents can find the ISTEP+ guides, testing dates, and other important information regarding the ISTEP+ test by accessing the following website: 

            To help your child do well on the ISTEP+ test, make sure he/she knows basic math and English skills.  For example, review multiplication facts, division, and fractions.  Also, it may be helpful to make a game of asking and answering questions to improve thought processing skills such as:  How does that work?  Why does this happen?  What is likely to happen next?  You can contact your child’s math, English, science, and social studies teacher for additional suggestions or review materials.


What are specific suggestions for helping my child do well on ISTEP+?


It is very important that all students be present during ISTEP+ testing.  Please refrain from scheduling any appointments or vacations during this time.  The ISTEP+ testing windows for the 2013-2014 school year are March 3, 2014 – March 12, 2014 and April 28, 2014 – May 9, 2014.

The night before the test:


1.      Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep.  Keep a normal routine.  Help him/her resolve any immediate arguments with you, brothers, sisters, or close friends before going to bed.


2.      Discuss the test with your child to show you are interested.  Communicate to your child that the test may be difficult, but that he/she should do his/her best.  This is an opportunity to show what your child has learned.


3.      Be positive!  Encourage your child by saying, “Do your best,” or “Take your time.”  Positive statements will help your child be successful.


4.      Don’t let your child get overexcited before bedtime.


The morning before the test:


1.      Encourage your child to eat a light, healthy breakfast.


2.      Make sure your child arrives to school on time.  Get up early enough to avoid rushing.


3.      Allow your child to wear something that is familiar and comfortable, yet appropriate.  Layers help students adjust for different room temperatures.


4.      Make sure your child has a wooden #2 pencil.


5.      Emphasize the importance of the test, but try not to cause anxiety. 


Discuss the following with your child to help him/her do well during the test:


1.  Take your time.


2.      Read the questions carefully and follow the directions.


3.      Make sure you are bubbling in the right answer for the right question.


4.      With the writing portions of the test, go through all of the writing steps, do brainstorming, write as much as you can, and check your work.


5.      With the reading comprehension portions of the test, read the passage first, then write the answers to the questions.  Look for the answers from the details in the paragraph.


6.      With the math sections that are not multiple choice, show all of your work in detail. 


7.      Make sure your answer is reasonable.  Use educated guessing and logic; eliminate down to two possible correct answers.


8.      When you are finished with a section, go back and recheck your answers.


What if my child doesn’t do well on the ISTEP+ test?


            West Middle School strongly encourages students to do their best on the ISTEP+ test.  Students are expected to read the test carefully and answer test items completely.  Students who give their best effort on the ISTEP+ test will receive scores that accurately reflect their ability.

            Students who do not meet the state standards for passing the ISTEP+ test may have to participate in remediation programs, such as ISTEP+ English or ISTEP+ math classes.  These classes are scheduled in place of the students’ special area classes, such as technology or study skills.  Summer school math and English classes are also recommended for students who do not pass the ISTEP+ test.  Other students may be considered for retention.




When should I receive grade reports?


1.      West Middle School operates on a term schedule.  Each term is approximately 9 weeks.


2.      Report cards will be issued at the end of each 9-week term.  In addition, students will receive a progress report at the midpoint of each term.  Report card issue dates will be printed in the weekly newsletter, “News and Notes,” throughout the school year. 


How do I get copies of my child’s grades?


1.      When grade cards are issued, students should bring them home.  Please ask to see them.


2.      If you do not receive copies of your child’s grades, call the school at 765.342.6628.  The secretary will make a copy for you.


3.      West Middle School teachers post grades in Family Access on a regular basis.  Parents who want to view their child’s grades will need a Family Access login code number, which they can obtain by calling 765.342.6641.


How do I communicate with teachers about my child’s academic progress?


1.      Teachers at West Middle School welcome communication with parents.


2.      Teachers have one preparation period during the school day for making and receiving phone calls.  If you would like to communicate with your child’s teacher about his/her grade, or if you would like to set up a parent/teacher conference, you can call West Middle School at 765.342.6628 and enter the teacher’s extension to leave a message.  Generally, teachers will return your call within 24 hours.  If a teacher does not respond in a timely manner, please contact the principal.


3.      Each teacher at West Middle has an e-mail address.  This is an efficient means of communication if you have access to e-mail.  E-mail addresses for teachers can be found on the staff page of the West Middle School website:  If a teacher does not respond in a timely manner, please contact the principal.


What is placement?


            The “placement” label typically indicates that the student has the ability to do the work, but has chosen not to demonstrate his/her knowledge because of poor work ethic, lack of organization, or other issues or struggles.  A student may be placed if it appears that retaining the student will not benefit him/her educationally.  A student who is placed will move to the next grade level.  The



student’s grades may be monitored, and he/she may be required to attend the After-School Homework Help Program the following year.  West Middle School’s faculty has not failed this student in its attempt to educate.  The student either does not possess the skills or desire to achieve academic expectations as set forth by the State of Indiana and West Middle School.


What is retention?


            Retention means that the student does not have the essential skills to move to the next grade level and, therefore, will repeat the grade level he/she is currently in.


What criteria are considered when determining retention?


1.      Criteria for retention include the following:




2.      Special emphasis is placed on academic performance in the core subjects, including:




3.      The student’s overall G.P.A. is an important factor.


4.      Students who have failed two or more classes during the school year may be considered for retention.


5.      Ample notification is given to the students throughout the school year if they are in danger of being retained.


6.      The final determination concerning retention will be made by the school principal when final grades are issued at the end of the school year.


What can parents do to help their child avoid retention?


            Parents can help their child avoid retention by closely monitoring their son or daughter’s academic progress, checking nightly homework, making sure that their child attends school every day, reminding him/her to study for tests and quizzes, and reviewing work with their child.  Parents can talk to the principal about their child’s academic progress, placement, or retention by calling or visiting West Middle School at their convenience.  Parents can request that their child be retained by sending a written request to the principal before the end of the school year.


Extracurricular Activities


What are extracurricular activities?


            Extracurricular activities are designed to enhance and enrich student learning and the school curriculum.  Most extracurricular activities take place before or after the regular school day.


Why does participation in extracurricular activities help my child?


1.  By participating in extracurricular activities, students can develop confidence.  They learn to set high standards for themselves and their teammates as they represent their school.


2.  Extracurricular activities can help students learn self-control and self-discipline.  In addition,   students learn how to work with others and how to budget their time.


3.  Extracurricular activities keep students occupied after school in a positive and supervised environment. 


4.  Extracurricular activities are excellent incentives for academic achievement as students must      maintain good grades.  Specific eligibility requirements are listed below.


5.  Students gain opportunities to visit other towns and schools throughout the state. 


6.  Students become a part of a team or club that is educational and fun.


7.  Extracurricular activities foster a sense of school pride and belonging.


What are eligibility requirements and expectations for participating in extracurricular activities?


1.      Students cannot have more than one failing grade during any grading period to participate in extracurricular activities.  Grades will be checked at midterm and at the end of the grading period.

2.      Students must have a parent or guardian’s permission to participate.

3.      To participate in athletics, students must have a physical exam completed by a doctor.  The physical must be completed before the first practice or tryout session.  Physical forms are available in the school office; students must submit the required IHSAA physical form and not just a note from the doctor.  Physicals completed after April 1, 2013, will be accepted for the 2013 - 2014 school year.

4.      Students in extracurricular activities must attend school on the day of practice or event.  Students must attend school on the day following an event, unless ill or injured

5.      Parents and/or guardians carry the responsibility for providing medical care and/or insurance for their child.  Parents are encouraged to have an insurance policy to cover athletic injuries and the cost of treatment.  Applications to purchase insurance are given to all students at the beginning of the school year.

6.      Participation in any extracurricular activity is a privilege.  Misbehavior at school could result in the suspension of extracurricular privileges.  Specific rules for student conduct are stated in the Student Planner in the Conduct and Discipline Policy section and in the Code of Conduct for the MSD of Martinsville.


What sports are available at West Middle School?

1.      The following sports are available for boys in grades 6, 7, and 8:  golf and cross country in the fall, basketball, wrestling, swimming, and diving in the winter, and track and tennis in the spring.  Boys in grades 7-8 can also play football in the fall.


2.      The following sports are available for girls in grades 6, 7, and 8:  golf and cross country in the fall, basketball, swimming, and diving in the winter, and track and tennis in the spring.  Girls in grades 7–8 can also play volleyball in the fall.


3.      Girls entering grades 7-8 can tryout for the Cheer/Dance Team.


What clubs, academic teams, and competitions are available at West Middle School?

1.      Clubs include Spirit Team, Boys’ Movie Club, STARS*, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, Leadership Academy, Dance Club, and Drama Club.


2.      Academic teams include Spell Bowl, Math Bowl, and Junior Academic Super Bowl. 


3.      Other academic competitions include the Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, and various essay and poetry contests.


4.      An Enrichment Program is available for the high ability students.  Students who qualify for this program will be contacted by the Enrichment Program coordinator.

5.      Students have the opportunity to participate in student council.  Students interested in becoming a member will be required to complete an application.  Applications are available during the spring for seventh and eighth grade students and in the fall for sixth grade students.  The council meets regularly during the school year.  Its purpose is to promote positive relationships among students and between students and faculty.  The Student Council sponsors special events for the school.

6.      Students have the opportunity to earn membership in the National Junior Honor Society. Selection for membership is coordinated by a Faculty Council and is based on outstanding scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.


What are other opportunities for student involvement?

1.  Students entering grades 7-8 may apply for Journalism.  The journalism class produces the school newspaper and yearbook.

2.  Some students may be asked to serve as student assistants in the office, library, or classroom.

Opportunities for Parent Involvement


How can I volunteer at school during the school day?


1.      There are many ways parents can help at school.  Parents are essential to the success of special programs such as the Read-n-Feed Program. 


2.      Parents can also help by volunteering to tutor individual students or small groups of students.


3.      Parents can check with their child’s teachers for opportunities to help in the classroom.


4.      If parents are interested in volunteering, they can contact the office at 765.342.6628.


Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer after school?


1.      The West Middle School Parent Council coordinates an After School Program.  This program serves student athletes and cheer/dance squad members.  Each sport has a contact parent who coordinates the After School Program for that athletic season.  Parents plan and serve a meal and supervise study time after school on days of athletic events.  Please call the school at 765.342.6628, if you are interested in helping with this program.


2.      West Middle School provides a free Homework Help Program for students after school on Monday through Thursday from 2:30 until 4:00 p.m.  Volunteers are welcome to assist with this program.  Please call the school at 765.342.6628, if you would like to volunteer.


Are there other opportunities for parent involvement?


1.      Parents are always welcome to attend their child’s activities.


2.      There are many opportunities for volunteers that do not require a long-term commitment.  Examples are:  setting up for a musical performance, preparing for art shows, supervising on field trips, working in the concession stand at an event, chaperoning a dance, or helping with fund raisers.

Homework Help at School and Home


To be successful in the classroom, students must complete all of the assigned class work and homework.  Completing all of the class work and homework in all of the classes not only will help them learn more while they are at school, but will also help to instill basic values as a part of the student’s regular schedule.  Students will learn to be more responsible, they will learn to be accountable for their work, and they will learn to budget their time effectively.  At West Middle School, each teacher has a different homework policy for his/her classroom or subject area.  All students are encouraged to complete all of the work that is assigned.  We believe that it is important that home and school work together to motivate students in the right direction to complete all schoolwork.


What is West Middle School doing to help students complete homework? 


            West Middle School students attend a twenty-three minute Success Class daily.  This class helps students to connect with a teacher who promotes life skills such as responsibility, listening, and respectfulness.  Students eat a free breakfast and watch the West News and Channel One news program during Success Class.


Overall Goals of the West Success Program:


Benefits of the West Success Program:

West Middle School offers an “After-School Homework Help Program” Monday – Thursday from 2:30 – 4:00.  Students are placed into small groups.  Homework assignment sheets are distributed and help with homework is given.  If you would like for your child to attend this program, please call the office at 765.342.6628 for a registration form. 


What is a Student Planner and how can I use it to help my child keep track of homework?


1.      All West Middle School students are issued a student planner at the beginning of the school year.


2.      Student Planners include important information, such as school policies, significant dates, and daily time schedules.  Please discuss the information provided in the student planner with your child. 


3.      Student Planners contain a calendar to help students keep track of their homework assignments.  Students should write their daily assignments on the appropriate date on the calendar.


4.      Parents may request that teachers initial the assignments that students write on the homework calendar in the Student Planner.  Although teachers have between 150-175 students, they will initial assignments if students bring the completed Student Planner to them at an appropriate time, such as the end of class.


How do I find out what my child’s homework is?


1.      Check your child’s Student Planner and “West Success” folder for homework nightly.  If your child has lost the student planner, he/she may purchase a new one in the West Middle School Bookstore. 


2.      West Middle School posts daily homework assignments online.  You can view the assignments by accessing the following website:  Students may also pick up copies of daily homework assignments in the school office or library.


How can I help my child complete homework at home?


1.      Make sure your child is keeping all homework in his/her “West Success” folder.


2.      Provide a quiet area, free of distractions, such as video games, telephones, etc., for your child to complete homework.


3.      Set up a homework calendar at home.  Mark off each day that homework is completed.


4.      Make homework a habit.  Ask your child to complete homework at the same time each day, such as immediately after school or dinner.


5.      Check to make sure homework has been completed. 


6.      Help with homework but encourage your child to find the answers.


7.      Check your child’s locker.  Sometimes lockers become filled with old homework assignments.  Contact the office if you wish to check your child’s locker.


Where can I get homework help for my child?

1.  West Middle School has an After-School Homework Help Program after school. This program provides students with the time, space, and help they need to successfully complete homework.  Please contact the office if you are interested in registering your child for this program.


2.  A variety of online resources that may be helpful can be found on West Middle School Library page (


·        Sirs Discoverer is an online resource to help students develop research, writing, language, and computer skills.  The username is martwest, and the password is library.  After entering the username and password, click on “My Products Page” to begin.

·        CultureGrams is an online resource that provides in-depth perspectives of daily life and culture to more than 200 countries, the United States, and Canada.  The username is martwest, and the password is library.  After entering the username and password, click on “My Products Page” to begin.

·        Inspire is an online research library provided by the state of Indiana.  A multitude of magazine articles, biographies, health and medical journals, military articles, information on literature and education as well as encyclopedia and almanac articles can be accessed at no cost.  Families must obtain their own usernames and passwords through the Inspire website.

·        The Grolier Online Reference Database includes Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Knowledge, The New Book of Popular Science, Lands and Peoples, and America the Beautiful.  The username is westms1, and the password is home.

·        Chronicle Occupational Briefs Online is a resource where students can access current information on more that 2,500 careers.  The username is careers, and the password is arties. 

·        Cobblestone Magazines Online contains articles from Cobblestone, Faces, Calliope, Odyssey, and other award-winning magazines from Cobblestone Publishing in the areas of American history, contemporary world cultures, geography, world history and science.  The username is martwest and the password is arties.

3.      Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s Homework Help Hotline provides FREE math and science homework help to Indiana students in grades 6 – 12 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern time Sunday through Thursday – September through May.  Call 1-800 – ASK – ROSE.  For more information go to


4.      Consider hiring a tutor.


5.  Community resources include:

·        The Haven

·        Club Mid at the YMCA


6.  Contact your child’s teachers via e-mail or phone to see what further assistance can be provided.


How can I encourage my child to do homework?


1.      Give praise and rewards when your child brings home evidence of completed homework or good grades.  Celebrate your child’s success with a special activity, such as a favorite meal.


2.      Set consequences for not completing homework.


3.      Be firm, fair, and consistent.


4.      Study with your child for tests.


Parents’ Role in Students’ Success


How can I help my child value school achievement?


1.      Be enthusiastic and make positive comments about school.


2.      Let your child know that you think good grades are a top priority in your family and that you expect success at school. 


3.      Discuss with your child how good grades will help him/her achieve future success in life and on the job.


4.      At the beginning of each grading period, set specific goals for improving grades.


5.      Reward good grades.  Effective rewards might be as simple as a compliment such as, “You have done really well.  I’m proud of you!”


6.      Don’t look the other way when your child gets a poor grade.  Try to stay positive, but discuss your expectations for better grades.  Give consequences when your child does not meet these expectations.


7.      Let your child know you will communicate with the teacher.  Follow-up by contacting the teacher.


8.      Be consistent.  Your efforts will communicate that you value education.



How can I help my child understand school expectations for behavior?


1.      First and foremost, West Middle School students must be courteous and responsible at all times.  Also, West Middle School students must respect self, others, and property.


2.      Specific rules for student conduct are stated in the Student Planner in the Conduct and Discipline Policy section and in the Code of Conduct for the MSD of Martinsville.  You can help your child by familiarizing yourself with the rules in these sections.


3.      Discuss these rules with your child.  Make it clear to your child that you support these rules and understand their importance.  If your child understands that you respect and support West Middle School’s expectations, he/she is more likely to behave appropriately at school.


4.      Tell your child to notify a teacher or counselor immediately if a problem occurs at school.  This will ensure that the problem will be dealt with appropriately. 

How can my child get organized for success at West Middle?


1.      Students need to bring pencils, paper, and books to class daily.  They should have these materials ready before class begins.


2.      Students should keep extra supplies in their lockers.  Pencils and paper can be purchased at the library bookstore.


3.      Make sure your child keeps a locker that is uncluttered.  Make it clear that all assignments, unneeded coats, and nonessential items should be taken home and not stored in lockers. 

If you would like to check your child’s locker, please notify the office.


4.      Every student needs a means of organizing assignments.  Furnish your child with folders or a binder that includes folders for assignments.  Label the folders by class.


5.      Check every day to see if assignments are being recorded in the Student Planner.


6.      Organize at home for school success.  Provide a desk or quiet place for studying and completing homework.  Set an evening routine that includes time for homework.


7.      Limit time for television, video games, and socializing.


8.      Get help.  Contact the school counselors if your child has a problem with organization.


9.      Show your child you care by monitoring his/her progress, checking nightly homework, and reminding him/her to study for tests and quizzes.


What are some teacher ideas for student success in classes?


1.      Vocabulary is a key to success.  Students with a strong vocabulary score higher on tests and make higher grades. 


2.      The best way for your child to gain a strong vocabulary is to read!  Encourage your child to read nightly. 


3.      Ask your child about what he/she is reading.  Discuss it. 


4.      Talk about the “hard” words and what they mean.  Buy a suitable dictionary, and as a family, look up words that are interesting or unfamiliar.

5.      A very important key to math success in middle school is knowledge of basic math facts in multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition.  These facts are building blocks that are usually mastered in elementary school.  Check to see if your child knows these basic math facts. 


6.      If you believe your child does not know basic math facts, contact your child’s math teacher for ideas about how math facts can be learned and reviewed.


7.      Some classes, such as math and social studies, require students to take notes.  Check to see that your child takes notes in these classes on a regular basis. 


Are there other ideas for success?


1.      Showing up is half the battle!  Make sure your child attends school regularly. 


2.      Encourage your child to eat breakfast.  A free breakfast is provided to all students at West Middle School.  Research shows that students concentrate and perform better in school when they eat breakfast. 


3.      Dress appropriately for school.  Studies show that when a person dresses respectfully, he/she is treated with more respect.


4.      Discuss with your child the importance of arriving to classes on time.  During the beginning of class important assignments and directions are explained by the teacher and homework is collected.


5.      Make sure your child is getting at least eight hours of sleep every night, so he/she is well rested and able to concentrate.


6.      Encourage good hygiene and stress good health habits.


7.      If your child has health problems, discuss them with the school nurse. 


8.      Encourage your child to have all of his/her books, homework, practice clothes, etc. organized before he/she goes to bed, so he/she is ready to go in the morning.

  General Information


Responsibility and Respect

West Middle School on the Web

Class Time Schedules 

Administering Medication at School

Use of School Lockers

School Closing Procedures

Parking at West Middle

Activity Bus Routes

Non-School Use of Telecommunication Equipment

Corporation Drug/Alcohol Policy

Directions to other schools

About West Middle School


At West Middle School, we expect our students to develop RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT




·       for writing down assignments

·       for completing assignments and doing them well

·       for making good choices in behavior

·       for accepting the consequences for choices made




·       for school property

·       for the property of others

·       for adults

·       for other students and their opinions

·       for self


West Middle School on the Web


Parents can visit our West Middle School home page at


Here parents can find a wealth of information such as:


Class Time Schedules


Regular School Day


Success Class   7:30 - 7:53 A.M.

                   Period 1              7:57 - 8:40 A.M.

                   Period 2              8:44 - 9:27 A.M.

                   Period 3              9:31 - 10:14 A.M.

                   Period 4              10:18 - 11:01 A.M.

                   Period 5              11:05 - 11:48 A.M. (6th Grade Lunch)

                   Period 6              11:52 - 12:35 P.M. (7th Grade Lunch)

                   Period 7               12:39 - 1:22 P.M. (8th Grade Lunch)

Period 8              1:27 - 2:10 P.M. (Bus Students


2:17 P.M. Walkers Dismissed                       


Two-hour Delay


Success Class   9:30 - 9:40 A.M.

Period 1              9:44 - 10:14 A.M.

                             Period 2              10:18 – 10:48 A.M.

                             Period 3              10:52 - 11:22 A.M.  (Lunch A)

                             Period 5              11:26 – 11:56 A.M.  (Lunch B)

                             Period 6              12:00 - 12:30 P.M.  (Lunch C)

                             Period 7              12:34 - 1:04 P.M. 

                             Period 4                1:08 - 1:38 P.M.

                             Period 8                1:42 - 2:10 P.M (Bus Students


                                                  2:17 P.M. Walkers Dismissed              

Administering Medication at School


The nurse must administer any prescription or non-prescription medicines taken during school.  For more specific information about this policy, please refer to the Corporation Drug/Alcohol Policy in the Student Agenda Book.


Use of School Lockers


1.      Each student is assigned his/her own private locker for storage of books and other personal items.  If there are mechanical problems, the office personnel should be notified, and a custodian will repair the locker. General locker rules include:


·        Students should not share lockers.

·        Students should not give out their combination to other students.

·        Students should not tamper with or bother another student’s locker.


2.      Breaking any of these rules is a violation of the student conduct code and may cause students to lose the privilege of having a locker.


3.      Students may go to their lockers at designated times.


4.      Students will be issued a lock and locker for gym class.  Students are to keep their gym lockers securely locked and not give the combination to any other students.  The school assumes no responsibility for items left unlocked in the locker room.


School Closing Procedures


1.      School closings will be determined by Dr. Furniss, Superintendent of the M.S.D. of Martinsville.  The condition of all roads within the school corporation will be evaluated prior to 4:00 A.M.


2.      A mass phone calling system will automatically call parents if there is a school delay, an early dismissal, or other important information.  Because the system pulls the phone numbers from the student database, it is important that the office has correct phone numbers.  If your phone number changes, please notify the West Middle School office immediately.  


3.      Dr. Furniss will notify the Martinsville radio station, WCBK-FM 102.3, of a school closing.  He will also notify transportation officials and members of the corporation staff.


4.      Ultimately, it shall be the responsibility of parents and students to obtain school closing information by listening to WCBK or local TV stations.


5.      Please refrain from calling the radio station.


6.      A statement concerning school closings will be made by 6:30 A.M.  If a statement is not made by 6:30 A.M., please plan on attending school and following the regular school schedule.


Parking Procedures at West Middle School


Please note that the area in front of the school and the area immediately behind the school (between the school and football field) are for bus traffic only from 6:30–7:30 A.M. and from 2:30– 3:30 P.M. 

The parking lot beside the cafeteria is designated as staff parking and staff traffic only.  For the safety of our students who gather in this area in the morning waiting for school to open, please refrain from pulling into this lot to drop off your children.  We ask your cooperation in helping to keep our students safe from traffic related accidents.


Activity Bus Routes


PARAGON – check at beginning of school year for bus number

           Parks by basketball courts at West Middle School at 4:25 P.M., leaves at 4:30 P.M., goes to the high school and leaves the high school at 4:35 P.M.  Takes West Middle School students from Brooklyn to their bus at the high school.

           Follows Gray Street to Ohio, turns left and goes to S.R. 37, crosses S.R. 37, goes through S.R. 37 at Burton Lane to Waffle House and Southview Drive (if needed).  Returns to S.R. 37 South.  Follows S.R. 37 to Legendary Hills, turns back north to motel, turns right and goes to Jordan Road, to Liberty Church Road, and back to S.R. 37.  Turns left and goes to Old S.R. 37 (if there are students up toward the forestry, goes to turn-around at State Police home and back to New S.R. 37) – if not, goes up hill to Paragon Road.  Turns right and take Paragon Road to Paragon.  Stops at the IGA store and Paragon Elementary School.  Goes back to S.R. 67 North, making stops along S.R. 67 North where necessary.  Goes into Wigal Addition at Hynsdale, on down S.R. 67 and back to Martinsville.


CENTERTON AND BROOKLYN – check at beginning of school year for bus number

           Parks by basketball courts at West Middle School, goes to East Middle School at 4:25 P.M., leaves East Middle School at 4:30 P.M. and goes to the high school and leaves the high school at 4:35 P.M.

           Follows Gray Street to Garfield to the S.R. 39 Bypass, turns left to S.R. 67 North to Lake Edgewood through lower road to Wilber Road.  Turns right on Wilber Road to 67 North.  Goes north on S.R. 67 (letting off students wherever they live along the highway), to Mason Lane.  Turns onto Mason Lane and goes to Robb Hill Road, turns right to the Shell Station and Quick Mart.  Crosses S.R. 67 to Centerton School (if no students live in Centerton, this stop is omitted.).  Goes back to S.R. 67, north to Brooklyn.  Stops at the 4-way stop in the center of town, at the school, and at the 4-way stop north of the school.  Goes back to S.R. 67, goes south and stops at Observatory Hill Road, if needed.  Goes back to Martinsville.

           West Middle students will be brought to the high school for this bus by the Paragon route bus (#37).

Non-School Use of Telecommunication Equipment

               It is the policy of the MSD of Martinsville’s Board of School Trustees that students should not use cell phones or pagers during school hours and that all cell phones and pagers shall be turned off during this time.  If a student has an emergency, they will be allowed to go to the office to use the office phone.  IPods, CD players, etc. may not be used during school hours.  If any of these items are brought to school, they must be turned off and stored in the student’s assigned locker. 


Article V - Corporation Drug/Alcohol Policy:


Further, pursuant to appropriate sections of the laws of the State of Indiana, the Board of School Trustees hereby prohibits the following conduct and directs that a violation of any of the following can result in suspension or expulsion of the student involved.


1.      The possession, delivery and/or sale, or being under the influence of any substance listed in #4 below.

2.      The recent or detectable consumption or use of any substance listed in #4 below.

3.      The possession, delivery, or sale of any object listed in #7 below

4.      For purposes of #1 and #2 of Section V of this policy, the following substances are prohibited:

a.      Any caffeine based pill, or other substance containing phenylpropanolamine (PPA) or stimulants of any kind be they available with or without a prescription.

b.      Alcohol.

c.      Marijuana.

d.      Any intoxicant.

e.      Any narcotic drug.

f.        Any depressant.

g.      Any hallucinogen.

h.      Any other controlled substance as defined by state statute.

i.        Any other substance which would be dangerous to the life or health of a person if ingested.

j.         Any substance which is represented by another person to be or to contain any substance enumerated in a through h of #4 of this article.

5.      Prescription medicines.  If a student needs to take prescription medicine during school hours, the following procedure must be followed:

a.      On the first day that the medication is to be taken, the student shall report to the school nurse with the prescription medicine in its original container, along with a note from the student’s parent giving permission for the nurse to administer to the student that medication per the dosage instructions in the container.





b.      The student shall, while in school, only take the medication in the presence of the school nurse or the school principal or designee, if the nurse is not available.  No student shall keep any prescription medicine on his/her person or in his/her locker unless with express written approval of the principal while at school.  Otherwise, all medication shall remain with the school nurse.

6.      Non-prescription Medicines.  If a student needs to take a non-prescription medicine while at school, he/she shall follow the procedures as set forth in #5 above, except that the permission slip from the parent shall also instruct the school nurse as to dosage.  No student shall keep any non-prescription medication on his person or in his/her locker while at school.  All medication shall remain with the school nurse.


7.      For purposes of #3 of Section V of this policy, the following objects are prohibited:

Any object used or designed to be used primarily for the storage, processing, delivery, or consumption of alcohol, marijuana, a stimulant, an intoxicant, a narcotic drug, a depressant, a hallucinogen, or any other controlled substance.

8.      Any student found to have violated the provisions of this article by delivering or selling a substance to another person shall be expelled from school for a period of one (1) year, unless extreme extenuating circumstances are found.  Any student engaged in the delivery, sale, or possession of a prohibited substance shall be reported to law enforcement officials.  A student expelled for this infraction will be notified of the trespass laws of the State of Indiana and informed that they will be prosecuted in the event they enter school grounds before, during, or after school hours for the full period of the expulsion.  “School ground” is defined as property belonging to the School Corporation.  if extreme extenuating circumstances are shown, then the student may request the drug abuse class set forth below.


Any student who is found to have violated this article by being in possession of or under the influence, or having recently consumed a prohibited substance shall be expelled for a period of one (1) year, unless extenuating circumstances are presented.  The student may request to enroll in a special drug abuse course of study or student assistance program, as an alternative to expulsion.  This course may be offered on Saturdays for a period of time not to exceed six (6) weeks.  This course will be provided as an alternative to expulsion only in the event the student is a first offender with regard to a drug and/or alcohol offense.  In order to qualify for the drug abuse course of study, the student must also exhibit a sincere desire for help, and must be recommended by his counselor, dean, or principal for that course of study.


Directions to Other Schools


Bedford – Travel south on S.R. 37 to Bedford to Hwy. 50 (second traffic light) and turn left.  Go east through Bedford and follow Hwy. 50 about 3 to 4 miles east of Bedford to the school. 


Brown County, Nashville – Travel east on Hwy. 252 to Morgantown and turn right at 4-way stop.  Follow Hwy. 135 South to Nashville.  The school is at the junction of Hwy. 135 and Hwy. 46.


Batchelor Middle School, Bloomington – Travel south on S.R. 37 to Tapp Road (light past Sam’s Club exit), turn left.  Travel to Rogers St., turn right. Travel to Gordon Pike (4-way stop), turn right.   Batchelor will be on the right.


Bloomington High School North – Travel south on S. R. 37 to Acuff Road.  Turn left on Acuff Road and travel to Kinser Pike.  Turn right on Kinser Pike and travel approximately six blocks to the school.


Bloomington High School South Travel south on St. Rd. 37 to Tapp Rd. (light past Sam’s Club exit), turn left.  Travel to S.Walnut St., turn left.  Travel approximately ¾ mile, the school will be on your right.



Center Grove Central Middle School – Travel north on S.R. 37.  Turn right on Stones Crossing Road.  Travel to the second 4-way stop.  Center Grove Middle School is on the left.  The High School is on the right side.


Center Grove Middle School North – Travel north on S.R. 37 to Fairview Road and turn right.  Travel on Fairview Road to South Morgantown Road and turn right.  The school is located at 202 North Morgantown Road.


Clark-Pleasant Middle School Travel north on St. Rd. 37 to Hwy. 144, turn right.  Travel approximately 2.5 miles to 500 N (Whiteland Rd.), turn left.  Cross St. Rd. 31, turn left to enter the High School parking lot.  Stay left and drive around to the back of the parking lot to the Middle School.


Cloverdale Middle School – Travel south on S.R. 67 to Hwy. 231.  Turn right on Hwy. 231 and travel approximately 11 miles to Logan Street.  Turn right at the stop light on Logan Street.  The school is located at 312 East Logan Street.


Custer Baker Intermediate, Franklin – Travel north on S.R. 37 to S.R. 144.  Go east on Hwy. 144 to Franklin.  Custer Baker is located on the south side of S.R. 144, as you enter Franklin.


Decatur Township Middle School – Travel north on S.R. 67 past Decatur Central High School.  At the first stoplight turn right on South High School Road.  The middle school is about ¼ mile on the right side.


Edgewood, Ellettsville - Travel S.R. 37 South to the Hwy. 46 West exit.  Just past downtown when the divided road is ending, look for the sign that points to a turnaround and says “Edgewood High School.”  Make a u-turn and the school will be on your right.  Go around the school to find the parking lot.


Eminence High School  - Travel north on S.R. 67 to S.R. 39.  Exit to S.R. 142 to Eminence.


Franklin Community Middle School – Travel east on S.R. 44 to S.R. 144 intersection.  Turn right.  Travel to S.R. 31.  Turn left.  F.C.M.S. is located on the east side of S.R. 31.  (Former Franklin High School)


Franklin Township Middle School – Travel north on S.R. 37 to I-465 East.  Travel east on I465 to Emerson Rd., exit and turn right.  Travel to Thompson Rd. and turn left.  Travel to S. Franklin Rd. and turn right.  The school is at the corner of Thompson Rd. and Edgewood Rd.


Greenwood Middle School – Travel north on S.R. 37 to Smith Valley Road, turn right.  Travel to Madison Avenue, turn left.  The school is located on the right.


Indian Creek, Trafalgar- Travel east on S.R. 252, approximately 12 miles to Indian Creek Middle/High School, turn right into parking lot.  Use the far left entrance to enter the middle school.


Jackson Creek, Bloomington Travel south on St. Rd. 37 to Tapp Rd (light past Sam’s Club exit), turn left.  Travel to Sares Rd., turn right.  The school is approximately 1.5 miles on the right.


Monrovia Jr.-Sr. High School – Travel north on S.R. 67 to the junction of S.R. 39.  Turn left, or west, and proceed to Monrovia, approximately six miles, right side of the road.



Mooresville Christian Academy – Travel north on S.R. 67 to Hwy. 144 and turn right.  Travel approximately one mile and the church/school is on the right.


North Clay Middle School, Brazil - Travel south on S. R. 37 to U.S. 231 and turn right.  Travel on U.S. 231 approximately 13 miles.  Merge onto I-70 West.  Travel to Exit 23 – Linton/Brazil – Hwy. 59.  Exit and turn right.  Travel to East Pinckley Street and turn left.  Turn right onto South Chicago Avenue.  Turn right onto West Knight Drive.  The school is located at 3 West Knight Drive.


Oolitic Middle School – Travel south on S.R. 37 past Bloomington to Oolitic.  Turn left at the Main Street stoplight.  Go to the next stoplight at Hoosier Avenue and turn right.  Go past the old school, about ¾ mile on the right.  (Do not go in the first drive – no turn around.)  Go to the second drive.


Owen Valley, Spencer - Travel South on S. R. 67 to U.S. 231, turn left.  Travel to the 4-way stop in Spencer, turn right, and travel to the ‘Y’.  Veer right at the ‘Y’, Owen Valley High School and Owen Valley Middle School will be located on the left.


Paul Hadley, Mooresville – Travel north on S.R. 67 to Indiana Street (by Gray Brothers’ Cafeteria) and turn left.  Drive through town to Carlisle Street.  Turn left on Carlisle Street and Paul Hadley Junior High School will be on the right side past Mooresville High School.


Perry Meridian Middle School – Travel north on S.R. 37, turn right on Bluff Rd. (road north of County Line).  Travel to Stop 11 (stoplight), turn right.  Travel 1.5 miles to a 4-way stop.  Travel through the 4-way stop and the parking lot will be on the right. 


Plainfield Middle School- Travel St. Rd. 67 to Indiana St., turn left.  (Gray Bros.)  Travel to Main St., turn left.  Travel 3 blocks to Monroe St., turn right.  Monroe St. turns into Old St. Rd. 267.  Travel to Longfellow Dr., turn right.  Plainfield Middle School is on the right.  (Former High School).


St. Charles, Bloomington  - Travel south on S.R. 37 to the College/Walnut exit.  Travel on Business 37 to the Hwy. 45/46 Bypass and turn left.  Travel past the IU campus to 3rd Street and turn right.  The school is approximately ½ mile down 3rd Street on the left.


South Grove Intermediate – Travel north on S.R. 37 to I-465 East/I74 East.  Travel east on I-465 to Exit 52 – Emerson Avenue.  Turn left on South Emerson Avenue towards Beech Grove.  Travel on South Emerson Avenue to Grovewood Drive.  Turn left on Grovewood Drive and travel to South 9th Avenue.  The school is located at 851 South 9th Avenue.


Southport, Indianapolis (was Keystone Middle) – Travel north on S.R. 37 to Edgewood Road, which is the second road past Southport Road.  Turn right on Edgewood Road and travel to Keystone Avenue.  Turn left (north) on Keystone Avenue and the school will be on your right.


Tri-North, Bloomington – Travel south on S.R. 37 to the College/Walnut exit in Bloomington.  Travel to 17th Street.  Travel approximately ¾ to 1 mile to Monroe Street.  Turn left on Monroe Street.  The school is on the left.

About West Middle



West Middle School serves students in grades six through eight in Martinsville, Indiana.  Martinsville, a community of approximately 12,000 people, occupies a unique and advantageous location that affords its residents the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of a moderate-sized community as well as close proximity to Indianapolis and Bloomington, two metropolitan centers.  Indianapolis, the

state capital, lies thirty miles to the north via State Roads 37 and 67.  Bloomington, the home of Indiana University, is located twenty miles south on State Road 37.  West Middle School, located at 109 East Garfield Street, is part of a district that includes eight elementary schools (K-5), two middle schools (6-8), and one high school (9-12).  Students from Brooklyn, Paragon, Central, Poston Road, and a small part of South elementary schools attend West Middle School, while students from Green

Township, Centerton, Smith, and the rest of South elementary schools attend East Middle School.  Upon completion of eighth grade, students from both middle schools attend Martinsville High School.

Classes at West Middle School begin at 7:30 A.M., and end at 2:10 P.M. for bus students and 2:17 P.M. for walkers. The school day begins with a 23-minute Success period, and the remainder of the day is divided into eight 43-minute periods.  There is a four-minute passing period between classes.



            The West Middle School curriculum is based on the Indiana Academic Standards.  West Middle School strives to offer educational experiences that meet a wide variety of students’ needs, interests, and abilities.

The curriculum at West Middle School emphasizes English, language arts, math, social studies, science, physical education, health, fine arts, and practical arts.  All students take reading, math, social studies, English, and science for the entire school year and have the opportunity to choose band, orchestra, or choir.  Elective courses include art, music, life management, technology, and study skills.

            West Middle School provides extensive special services to accommodate the various needs of students.  West Middle School houses the district's program for students who are moderately mentally disabled (MoMD), ages 11 to 15.  Students who are in the MoMD program are included in regular education classes or in the school environment at least one-fourth of the school day.

            West Middle School serves students who are mildly mentally disabled (MiMD) in grades six through eight.  The special education teachers provide science, math, social studies, and English at each grade level offering the least restrictive environment indicated by the child’s Individualized Education Plan.  Students in this program are mainstreamed into regular classes such as physical education, health, life management, and fine arts.

Resource classes were added to assist students with learning disabilities and other specialized instructional needs in grades six through eight needing more help in the academic areas of language arts and math.  The teachers and aides of students in the resource room program collaborate with

teachers in the regular classrooms to plan and teach lessons as well as provide specialized assistance to students needing extra help. 

Acuity is a program designed by CTB McGraw-Hill that is used to assist teachers in monitoring student progress on the Indiana State standards in language arts, math, science, and social studies and predicts a student’s ability to pass ISTEP+.  Acuity is also used by teachers to determine what skills students need to master.  After each diagnostic Acuity test, the data is used by teachers to pinpoint gaps in student learning.  Teachers provide additional instruction for areas of weakness, and

students may ask questions about problems that they found difficult.  Parents who have questions regarding Acuity are welcome to call Mrs. Lipps at West Middle School.

West Middle School offers ISTEP+ preparatory math and English classes and essential skills target groups to students.  Criteria used in selecting students for these classes are ISTEP+ test scores, report card grades, parent referrals, teacher recommendations, services currently received, and Acuity scores.  These classes are taught using a variety of methods to help improve students' basic skills and to help boost their self-confidence in these two academic areas.

Those students who qualify for the district’s High Ability Program are enrolled in a High Ability Class that meets during school hours.  Students are identified through a screening process including standardized test scores and teacher recommendations and through formal testing of InView, a Potential Based Assessment, and Terra Nova, a Performance Based Assessment.  Students in the program receive services in the High Ability Class equipped with iMac computers.  All High Ability students receive differentiated instruction in


various other classes, depending on the identified domain of High Ability.  These High Ability opportunities provide curricular lessons, activities, and projects that challenge the High Ability students at their intellectual levels.  

Students who excel in English and writing qualify for accelerated/honors English.  In this class, students move through the established curriculum at a faster pace, as well as study more complex grammar/usage principles to apply in their writing and speaking.

Eighth-grade math students are placed into algebra, accelerated pre-algebra, average pre-algebra, or basic pre-algebra.  Students can earn high school credit for earning an A or B in algebra.  Sixth and seventh-grade math students are placed in one of three levels of math:  honors, average, or general. 

Students who enjoy writing may apply to take communications in which they produce the school newspaper and yearbook.  These students also have the opportunity to learn video production.  Art Honors is offered to students who are creative in the visual arts.  Students do extensive work in figure drawing, perspective, and experimental work in 3-D.  Each year students create a mural and attend art museums. These students are encouraged to compete in area art competitions.

West Middle School offers a wide range of career education activities.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:  career exploration, career targets, an internet program funded by the state, entitled “Drive of Your Life,” job shadowing, and an extensive career day. 

A variety of resources and materials to support and enrich West Middle School’s curriculum are offered in the library media center and throughout the building.  Print resources address a wide range of interests and reading levels.  These resources include reference materials and nonfiction books on many subjects, along with a fiction collection.  The library catalog can be searched on each computer in the library and on classroom computers.  The twenty-six station computer mini-lab distributes electronic resources and curriculum-based software to small groups of students or individual students.  Students and parents can access electronic resources from the library page 

located on the school’s website  West Middle School students and

teachers also have access to equipment such as digital cameras, video cameras, a slide projector,

laptop computers, and listening stations through the media center.  West Middle School students also have access to a 30-station computer lab and four full-class mobile wireless laptop labs.

West Middle School provides special school-wide programs that encourage students to practice academic skills.  For example, West Middle School promotes students’ independent reading through the Renaissance Place Accelerated Reader program, which gives students access to more than 110,000 book quizzes.  A STAR test determines each student’s individual reading level; students then choose books at their appropriate levels of challenge.  Students and parents can access book

titles and their reading levels at  An annual school wide reading celebration, Project Read-n-Feed, requires all students to read books by one particular author and complete various motivational reading and writing activities.  That author then visits the school and shares his or her writing insights with the students. The library also participates in the Young Hoosier Book Award Program. 

            The West Middle School Incentive Committee rewards students who attain high academic achievement.  Students who earned a 3.5 or higher grade point average have enjoyed trips to the Indianapolis Zoo, Ivy Tech, Western Skateland, and Holiday World Theme park.  These fieldtrips are highly regarded by all students and serve to motivate students to earn good grades.  The Incentive Committee has continued recognition of high achieving students to include poster-sized photographs of students placed throughout the school and the community.  An “A” chain is displayed in the hallways to recognize students earning A’s on report cards.  The Incentive Committee also recognizes students for their academic improvement and for perfect attendance.  “Most Improved” students who are selected by staff each trimester receive West t-shirts.  These accomplishments are noted in the bi-weekly News and Notes, on the daily news, on the school’s PowerPoint, and by photographs displayed in the hallways.

            West Middle School encourages students to become involved with charitable giving through the efforts of the Student Council and the Advisor/Advisee Committee.  The Student Council leads a holiday drive and donates funds to Riley Hospital.  The Advisor/Advisee Committee organizes several fund raising activities such as the “Can-Can” food drive which has been very helpful in stocking Martinsville’s Red Barn food pantry each December.  The West Middle School staff and students also work to raise funds for the Relay for Life and other charities chosen monthly.

West Middle School works closely with Prime Time of Morgan County to promote programs

that encourage the safe and positive behavior of students.  West Middle School participates in the

Character Counts! Program, a nationally recognized model for character development that focuses student work on shared beliefs and values referred to as the “Six Pillars of Character.”  These pillars are:  Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.  The West Middle

School staff continues to emphasize the need for safe and appropriate conduct from students during        

the school day and at all school events.

In 2008, West Middle School adopted an Anti-Bullying campaign.  Bullying is an aggressive behavior that is intentional and involves an imbalance of power or strength.  Bullying can take many forms, such as hitting, kicking, teasing, name-calling, excluding from a group, sending mean notes or emails, or threatening someone.  Children who are bullied are more likely than their peers to be depressed, lonely, and have low self-esteem.  Anyone who is the victim of or a witness to any type of

hurtful or aggressive act toward an individual student or a group of students should immediately

report the incident to the office.  Appropriate action will be taken to assure that this type of behavior

will not be repeated.  West Middle School’s goal is to eliminate bullying and provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all students. 

West Middle school has implemented updated safety measures.  The school is subject to random free-air sniffs with a narcotic detection canine at any time during the school year.  In addition to a new school-wide surveillance system and fire alarm system, an electronic entry system identifies all school visitors before they enter the building.  Outside doors are visibly numbered for emergency response teams.  Reviews with all staff regarding disaster


preparedness have been conducted at faculty meetings, including building evacuation procedures and the use of fire extinguishers.  All classrooms are now equipped with flashlights, and the school owns a number of battery operated lanterns in case of power failure.  The district crisis plan includes a mass-telephoning system that automatically calls parents when there is an opening delay, early dismissal, or any other information that needs to be communicated.  West staff members have been trained in CPR, and several staff members have been trained in the use of defibrillators.


History of West Middle School


 West Middle School, the second oldest facility in the school district, is fifty-five years old.  The school is situated on a tract of land that covers approximately fourteen acres.  The school has its own football field and softball field and features an outdoor running track.  Most sections of the current school building date back to 1952, when an annex was built to expand the high school, originally constructed in 1913.  In 1976, the annex of the “old” high school became West Middle School, and the high school moved to its current location at 1360 East Gray Street.  The former high school was razed after West Middle School opened.  The gymnasium, a historical building dating back to 1924, was completely renovated in 1982.  The original arena was modified to house a physical education complex, an indoor running track, and student recreational areas.  The historical integrity of the gymnasium exterior was kept in tact when it was remodeled.  During the renovation, additional classrooms for students in special education were added during the renovation, which linked West Middle School to the gymnasium. 

Renovations have continued throughout the school, which is often used as a gathering place by many individuals and organizations throughout the community.  Air-conditioning was installed in the cafeteria, the lighting outside the gym has been improved, the gym concession stand has been updated, and the gym bleachers have been automated. The gym interior has been repainted and new outside doors have been installed. 

Recently, the sound systems for the gym and the press box of the football field were updated.  The track around the football field was resurfaced, and the bleachers for both the home and visiting fans were replaced.  The football field sod was also replaced.  Shelving and lockers have been added to the music department to help store instruments safely.  New heating and cooling units have been installed in five interior classrooms, the library, and front office.  General maintenance of the building such as painting, flooring, and landscaping continues annually. 


THANK YOU for all you do to help your child succeed at West Middle School!